New Work

New illustrations of children, animals and other fun things.

Misha and Puff kids clothing line. Adorable hand knit fashion made by talented women in Peru.

for web misha.jpg

The skate girls of Kabul.

skateistan1 cathi mingus.jpg

Pick Flowers not fights.

pick flowers not fights cathi mingus.jpg

When life hands you lemons…eat ice-cream!

ice cream cathi mingus.jpg

Girl power!

girl power cathi mingus 1.jpg

It’s time to go back to school. You’ve got this!

rockets of A. cathi mingus.jpg


girl with flowers web.jpg

Circus fun!

circusfor web.jpg


after the circus 1.jpg

Jungle scene

cute tiger forr web.jpg

If cats could swim! Summertime kitty making a splash.

Cute little mock up illustration I did for a potential puzzle or coloring book….or?

mermaid puzzle small.jpg

Amazing Me! Mock up of a box cover for a product I’m creating. Empowerment cards/kit for girls.

amazing me c.mingus.jpg

An illustrated book cover for a book called “Something Magic” about a young girl and her superpowers.

new magic.jpg

Scaryanne, a story I’m writing about a girl who is courageous and a little crazy. She shakes up the town of Landfill.

cathi mingus book cover.jpg

Show and tell, or should I say “show and smell”. Scaryanne brings her pet scunk Doris to school.

new scaryanne.jpg

Aunt Kitty, always surrounded by cats and she tried to get her knitting done before the holidays.

new web c.mingus.jpg

A cute book series about a girl, her friends, and their adventures with animals.


A book I worked on about teaching manners to children. These cute kids were fun to draw and bring to life in the story.


The children learn how to behave at a restaurant. Even when others aren’t.

inside resturant with children.jpg
twirl new.jpg

Follow Harlow and her little dog dixie as they search for true happiness.

harlow and the lost laughter cover.jpg

Fairy friends! Harlow and her cute group of fairy friends learn what true friendship is all about.

cute fairies.jpg
new fairy  for web.jpg
happy thanksgiving.jpg